St Johns Wort for anxiety

As a flower Essence this well documented herb also helps you deal with anxiety. It is specifically good at supporting unknown fears, childhood fears…like fear of the dark…

3 thoughts on “St Johns Wort for anxiety

  1. Dang! I used another species of Saint John’s wort as tea, and it knocked me out! It was more like a tranquilizer for me. I could work on the dosage if I wanted to use it properly I suppose, or try the essence. Of course, I am hesitant to try it again.


      1. Hypericum calycinum. There are a few species that have naturalized here, but none are Hypericum perforatum. It is nothing new, but was just used excessively. At least I know that this ‘chemical’ form of medication is effective for me. Some are not. For essences to be effective, I need to be receptive to them, which may necessitate the use of ‘chemical’ forms of medication, such as a Saint John’s wort tincture (properly dosed of course). It is frustrating to be too anxious for essences or even teas!


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