Message from Morning Glory

Morning Glory or Ipomoea Convolvulaceae in Latin is the cultivated form of the weed we love to hate in the garden called “Bind Weed”…and like it’s unruly cousin it grows rampantly smothering everything in it’s path if it gets a chance. However, in the mornings it puts on its display of saucer shaped flowers the bees love. As an essence it is very similar really, it … Continue reading Message from Morning Glory

Love from Lampranthus

Lampranthus Aizoaceae or “Shining Flowers” love to be basking in the sun, high up and sprawling over mountain rocks. A native of South Africa the flowers can cover all the plants succulent leaves with their bright and colourful displays, closing their petals at night. The essence made from this bright pink variety of flower is all about unconditional love…it fills you full of it. Continue reading Love from Lampranthus

Message from Forget-me-not

Forget-me-not or Myosotis Sylvatica, the European wild version of this plant is sometimes known as “Mouse’s Ear”. It is common throughout UK and European woodlands…a wonderful plant to help those who are greiving a loved one. It helps to remember them and talk about them without the pain and fear associated with the loss. It is a cheerful essence that will keep you up beat … Continue reading Message from Forget-me-not

So, what are Flower Essences?

This Blog should have been my first Blog really…so I feel at this stage, for anyone who has been reading my Blogs…I should have covered this subject before! So, Flower Essences are a very simple method of capturing the energetic pattern or statement of a plant. All plants have a unique energy statement. This is not to be confused with the chemical make-up of a … Continue reading So, what are Flower Essences?

Dis-ease and preventing illness

Dis-ease, “that’s not how you spell it!” I hear you say. Well that is how I see the word, to me it means “Dis” or “not” at ease with yourself. That is the best way to describe illnesses and diseases…they are when your body is not at ease with itself. It is when your energetic levels are out of whack and out of balance and … Continue reading Dis-ease and preventing illness

Flower Essences and our Spiritual Development

We are all on a spiritual journey, even if we do not appear to be doing anything about it. My belief is that it is the same thing as our developing “civilisation” really. We see things on the television, or hear it on the radio, sometimes very upsetting things and we form opinions about what we see and hear. Sub-consciously we are developing as individuals … Continue reading Flower Essences and our Spiritual Development

Evaluating your Flower Essence selection

This is really where Flower Essences can help you to develop your Spiritual side and help guide you on your Soul Path if you let them. They are not just about healing all our negative traits, they also help us to temper our over exuberance if you like. All Flower Essences have a Positive aspect as well as a Negative one. It is true however … Continue reading Evaluating your Flower Essence selection

Methods for selecting the right Essences

Assessing human energy and establishing which areas of a person are out of balance is not something science has really developed yet. There are some machines, like the Squid Magnetometer that have been developed, and can read energy levels emanating from people, but at this stage in our human development they will not really give you the answers about which Flower Essences your body needs. … Continue reading Methods for selecting the right Essences

Using a Pendulum to Dowse

If you have never dowsed with a pendulum before, here is a quick guide; Firstly, you need to get yourself a pendulum. It is an instrument that is going to amplify answers that you ask your higher- self. To start with buy one that is going to help you get clear and loud answers, so my advice is to get a crystal quartz one. Alternatively … Continue reading Using a Pendulum to Dowse

Understanding what a Flower Essence does…part 2

So following on from the Part 1 Blog…and continuing the form we started there, the next headings are as follows; Chakra/s it relates to: (Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown) This can be more than one. Bodies it relates to: (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual) Auras it relates to: (Physical, Etheric, Vital, Astral, Lower Mental, Higher Mental & Spiritual) How do you know … Continue reading Understanding what a Flower Essence does…part 2