Spring Flower Essences – Starting with a different kind of Flower, Pine cones

Pine Cones often used as Christmas decorations are an Autumn/ Winter fruit, in France they are called Pomme de Pine or apple of the pine. The new pine cones however form very early in the year. Here is my Vlog to explain about them and the Essence they produce Continue reading Spring Flower Essences – Starting with a different kind of Flower, Pine cones

Selecting Flower Essences by Dowsing

If you buy a full set of the many versions of Dr Bach essences that are available, make your own essences or buy another set from a different essence producer, sooner or later you are going to want to make up a personal blend for yourself, friends or family. In this Vlog I show you how to do it by dowsing, the only safe way … Continue reading Selecting Flower Essences by Dowsing

Sunflower an Archetype Essence

Here is a ‘Hot’ flower essence that really does sun worship…to me, Sunflower Essence is an archetype essence which means it relates to one of the original spiritual teachings that date back to the Egyptians, Plato and beyond. The Sunflower represents the sun which is all about masculinity, positivity, the light the Yang of Yin and Yang, in essence terms it is all about balancing … Continue reading Sunflower an Archetype Essence

Natures Energetic Healing

I have been working with Flower Essences for nearly 30 years and in that time I have seen very little growth in interest with them until now. The whole episode with Covid-19 has galvanised a lot of people to look into alternative forms of healing. I have studied many different types of energy healing, like reiki, crystal healing, sound therapy and colour therapy, but for … Continue reading Natures Energetic Healing

Video introducing my new book

After a few years of frustration I have finally finished my book. I had no idea it would be so tricky…even when I had finally finished the copy, I still had weeks of formatting, setting up a publishing site on Amazon and learning how to upload my book. I was really keen to get the book out there for Christmas, and to sell it at … Continue reading Video introducing my new book