Sorry for the lack of posts…

Hi everyone My apologies for being so quiet over the last year…some of you may know that I have had a few health scares…eventually tests revealed I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis…an autoimmune disease, where you literally destroy your own thyroid cells. Fortunately it can be regulated with replacement hormone drugs, but it has really taken until now, a year later, to get myself back on track. … Continue reading Sorry for the lack of posts…

Message from Fennel

Fennel or Foeniculum vulgare is a culinary herb very often associated with fish and known for its aniseed flavour. It self seeds easily and becomes an attractive tall plant with umbrella type flowers of yellow. It is easy to look after,  enjoying sunshine, plenty of water and good drainage. The essence helps people who are dogmatic and only see things in black and white. It … Continue reading Message from Fennel

Courage from Daisy

Cultivated Daisy or Karvinskianus Erigeron rather than the common daisy found in our lawns, is a jolly little plant that sprouts up everywhere when its happy…it hardly needs any soil at all, surviving in rock gardens and gravel. It loves full sunshine and flowers its heart out all year long. The essence relates to our Throat Chakra and our Mental Body. It allows us to … Continue reading Courage from Daisy

Message from Heather

Wild Heather or Ericaceae Calluna Vulgaris grows on moors, heathland and in woodland where the soil is acid. Its common colour is purple, but occasionally you can see “lucky heather” which is white. In days gone by it was used as a fuel for fires, tied together to make brooms and also as a building material to make the old croft houses. As an essence … Continue reading Message from Heather

Message from Betony

Betony or Stachys officinalis grows in the shaded woodland of the UK and Europe, prefering rich soil. The plant was cultivated in monastic and physic gardens for its ability to ward off evil spirits. Interestingly it does have antiseptic properties and as an essence helps you to connect with the angelic and in particular your Guardian Angel…so yes they were right in ancient times…it does … Continue reading Message from Betony

Message from Meadow Thistle

Meadow Thistle or Cirsium dissectum in Latin, is a statuesque plant that you will not miss, and it is certainly not a plant you would want to brush up against. The essence made from these fabulous flowers has a very similar attitude. It creates a ring of spikey protection around you and promotes the courage to face up to those who you feel are attacking … Continue reading Message from Meadow Thistle

Message from Morning Glory

Morning Glory or Ipomoea Convolvulaceae in Latin is the cultivated form of the weed we love to hate in the garden called “Bind Weed”…and like it’s unruly cousin it grows rampantly smothering everything in it’s path if it gets a chance. However, in the mornings it puts on its display of saucer shaped flowers the bees love. As an essence it is very similar really, it … Continue reading Message from Morning Glory

Love from Lampranthus

Lampranthus Aizoaceae or “Shining Flowers” love to be basking in the sun, high up and sprawling over mountain rocks. A native of South Africa the flowers can cover all the plants succulent leaves with their bright and colourful displays, closing their petals at night. The essence made from this bright pink variety of flower is all about unconditional love…it fills you full of it. Continue reading Love from Lampranthus

Message from Forget-me-not

Forget-me-not or Myosotis Sylvatica, the European wild version of this plant is sometimes known as “Mouse’s Ear”. It is common throughout UK and European woodlands…a wonderful plant to help those who are greiving a loved one. It helps to remember them and talk about them without the pain and fear associated with the loss. It is a cheerful essence that will keep you up beat … Continue reading Message from Forget-me-not

Message from Fleabane

Fleabane Pulicaria dysenterica This water loving plant hugs the banks or ponds and streams…it’s cheerful demeanour helps to guide us through life, it lights up our pathways making our journeys smoother clearer, safer and more secure. It’s leaves have a sort of sticky tactile (velcro) feel to them…maybe that is one of the clues to holding on to you, to protect you on your particular path. … Continue reading Message from Fleabane