New Range of Therapy Blended Flower Essence:

I am just launching my new range of Blended Flower Essences…it has taken me a while to get them all up together! That is why I haven’t been posting blogs for a while… My new range is aimed at everyone who is and has been struggling with the unusual situation we find our world has become in the last few months. For many of us … Continue reading New Range of Therapy Blended Flower Essence:

Video introducing my new book

After a few years of frustration I have finally finished my book. I had no idea it would be so tricky…even when I had finally finished the copy, I still had weeks of formatting, setting up a publishing site on Amazon and learning how to upload my book. I was really keen to get the book out there for Christmas, and to sell it at … Continue reading Video introducing my new book

Red flag foods that cause intollerances part 2

Here are the second batch of food and beverage items that may cause you digestive and auto-immune problems. Alcohol; The occasional glass of red wine offers you a boost of antioxidants, but in general all alcohol consumption increases the production of the C-reactive protein. This is this protein that is used in blood tests to establish the level of inflammation in someones body. Many alcoholic drinks contain … Continue reading Red flag foods that cause intollerances part 2

Dis-ease and preventing illness

Dis-ease, “that’s not how you spell it!” I hear you say. Well that is how I see the word, to me it means “Dis” or “not” at ease with yourself. That is the best way to describe illnesses and diseases…they are when your body is not at ease with itself. It is when your energetic levels are out of whack and out of balance and … Continue reading Dis-ease and preventing illness