Kirsten P, Dordogne, France

‘Flowers for your Soul’ is a gem of a book for anyone curious about flower essences. The workings and process are concisely yet simply explained with beautiful photos illustrating the flowers. It certainly inspires you to go out and discover your flowers and start making your essences. Continue reading Kirsten P, Dordogne, France

Emily Taylor, France

Here is another Testimonial about my Personalised Prescription Flower Essence Blends. ” I am writing to thank you. Your flower essences have really helped me.  Their affect is subtle yet profound and powerful.  I am so grateful to you for your generous sharing of your wisdom and for your wonderful healing remedies.” Continue reading Emily Taylor, France

Holly G, USA

Here is a testimonial I received recently about my Personalised Prescription Flower Essences, from Holly G in the USA; “When I ordered my custom essence I wasn’t sure what was going to come, but I knew I was going to get exactly what I needed. When I tore open the package and I read the breakdown of what was inside I literally burst into tears. … Continue reading Holly G, USA